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Carmen at Casa Carmen

We had the privilege of hosting Carmen Vaughn the amazing woman responsible for inspiring the Casa Carmen development. This was the first time Mrs. Vaughn had the opportunity to see the building from the inside fully furnished, as well as speak to a few enthusiastic resident. The residents shared their stories of how they got to Casa Carmen and how joyful, grateful, and truly blessed they felt to finally have a home all their own.

<center> Thank you Carmen for your passion, persistence, and overall kind heart. </center>

From left to right: Tanya Ortiz (Program Manager, 1010 Development), Rosa Sosa (Property Manager, Barker MGNT), Carmen Vaughn, Hector Sanchez (Case Manager, PATH), Charity Mostafa (Intensive Case Manager, PATH); In the back: Bob Buente (President/CEO, 1010 Development); Photo by: Sheena Rodriguez (Program Director, 1010 Development)
Casa Carmen Team with Carmen Vaughn

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