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Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (LARFB)


The mission of the LARFB is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community. 


1010 collaborates with LARFB to provide monthly food deliveries to the Villa Flores residents and the local community. These deliveries take place every 1stWednesday of the month from 9:00am-11:00am.


Here is the remaining schedule for food distribution for 2019:

August 7th

September 4th

October 2nd

November 6th

December 4th

LIFE (Low-Income Fare is Easy) Program

The LIFE Program was designed to assist Los Angeles County Low-Income riders with the cost of public transportation.


Through the LIFE Program, 1010 qualifies its senior residents to receive any of the options below:


  • 4‐ride trip tickets (allows the client to board a bus 4 times, can be used on most

municipal operators in LA County)

  • Taxi Coupons

  • Taxi Vouchers (If approved by FAME)


Additionally, residents may also be qualified to receive the following discounts:

(Client must have a TAP card to enroll, no temporary TAP cards accepted)

  • 20 Regional Rides (valid on various transit systems in LA County)

  • Discounted 7‐Day passes ($6.00 discount towards 4 consecutive weekly passes)

  • Discounted 30‐Day pass

    • $24.00 discount towards regular rider 30‐day pass

    • $8.00 discount towards senior/disabled 30‐day pass

    • $10.00 discount towards students K‐12 30‐day pass

    • $13.00 discount towards college/vocational 30‐day pass

    • Discounted EZ Transit Pass ($24.00 discount towards 30‐day pass)

Dignity Health – California Hospital Medical Center 

(Dignity Health - CHMC)

Located in the heart of Downtown LA, California Hospital Medical Center is a 318-bed non-profit hospital that has been providing the residents of Los Angeles with quality, compassionate care for over 130 years.


With support from a Parish Nurse from Dignity Health – CHMC, 1010 provides quarterly clinics for its senior residents, which offers, blood pressure and glucose screenings, health education, and more.

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