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Our stories begin with a building.

About 1010

Since 1992, 1010 Development has been a leader in affordable housing development and neighborhood revitalization in the City of Los Angeles.


We foster communities within our buildings by creating a supportive atmosphere while preserving the ethnic and cultural diversity of our residents. We help seniors remain active longer and provide the support that allows families to expand their opportunities in a clean and safe environment. Residents have access to a variety of essential services and activities, including daycare and educational programming for our children, as well as a variety of health and wellness services for our senior residents.


1010 reaches beyond the boundaries of our properties. We share our resources and create opportunities for our neighbors. 1010 also works to foster economic development through partnerships with other affordable housing developers, local business partners, and service organizations.




1010 preserves, develops and manages high-quality service-enriched affordable housing that supports low-income families, and senior citizens. 

1010 provides a range of services for our residents and our neighbors that create opportunities for personal growth, enrichment, and support.


Who We Are

Our commitment to building safe, clean, and affordable housing is held steadfast with the help of our amazing staff and board of directors. 


What We Do

We nurture communities within our buildings and reach out to our local neighborhoods to renew and

revitalize those areas.


Our Communities

1010 currently serves some of the most densely populated, economically challenged neighborhoods in

the City of Los Angeles.

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