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1010 preserves, develops and manages high-quality service-enriched affordable housing that supports low-income families, and senior citizens. 


1010 provides a range of services for our residents and our neighbors that create opportunities for personal growth, enrichment, and support.


Our vision is to continually focus on revitalizing and renewing communities of Los Angeles County. ​

1010's Story

Over 27 years ago, the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles owned a large piece of property in downtown Los Angeles. Their surrounding neighborhood had been declining for years. Leaders of the church felt that the location and size of their property could–if repurposed differently–provide much-needed resources to members of the nearby community and contribute to the improvement and renewal of the neighborhood. 


1010 Development Corporation grew out of the church’s desire to use their property to better serve the needs of their neighbors. The solution was developing two affordable housing properties: Villa Flores and Hope Village. 


  • Villa Flores, completed in 1998, serves low-income senior citizens.

  • Hope Village, completed in 2001, serves low-income families.




1010 Today

The success of the two original projects led to additional developments. 1010 has subsequently built and manages Casa Shalom in the nearby Pico-Union neighborhood and JW Apartments in the Westlake/MacArthur Park neighborhood. 


1010 has assumed responsibility for rehabilitating and managing an existing building: Central Avenue Villa(CAV) in the Vernon-Central community. Casa Carmen, 1010's newest development, replaced several dilapidated buildings in the Pico-Union neighborhood with housing for seniors who have experienced chronic homelessness.



1010 Development communities are like any other small communities. Neighbors share coffee, chat and work together to plan holiday and other events. In the family apartment buildings, many activities center around the children who live there. These include daycare and programs for school-age children as well as activities and events planned by parent groups for their children.


Senior citizens have access to health screening and other support that improve their quality of life and provide access to essential services like transportation and food subsidies.


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1010 Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

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